I Wasn’t Bored

Perspective is tricky. Many think these changes are good. Several have even said, “You must be happy that you’re very busy now. I’m sure you were so bored before.”


I wasn’t bored.


I was writing.



12 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Bored

  1. immasweetiepie says:

    Short and Sweet! Happy Monday!

  2. Are writers every really bored? Not me, especially if there are people around to watch.
    Hope things settle down for you!

  3. talleygilly says:

    Seems to be in the air these days – I feel also that frenetic pace that allows so little time to focus on the good stuff like writing. Hope this busy time of change ends soon for you!

    • Jen Hurowitz says:

      I’m glad it’s not just me, but not glad that you are experiencing the same craziness! I was spoiled before and could use my down time at work to write. Now, with a new doctor and staff, the down time I have is now bustling and loud. I need to learn how to block it out better.

  4. Boredom is such a funny thing. I find that the more I work, the more often that I’m bored. Doing work for others exhausts me so that I don’t have the energy to do the things I enjoy (aka write) and then I’m bored. When I’m able to devote my time to writing, I’m never bored!

    I loved this, Jen. Short and bittersweet, indeed!

    • Jen Hurowitz says:

      Dayle, you are exactly right. My full-time job is a blessing and I am thankful for it, but it’s not my passion and sometimes I would just rather be writing. I’m not brave enough to quit and try to make it as a freelancer though … plus, it’s a REALLY good job that pays well and I love my boss. The new changes have made me question it too much, when deep down inside, I know I’m not going anywhere. I just miss the time I had AT work I devoted to writing. Alex suggested bringing in an ipod and zoning out, but I have to answer the phone and don’t want to be rude! LOL

      This just kind of flowed out and perfectly described how I was feeling. I don’t want to sound like a complainer, but hey, writers write what they think!

  5. […] Jen, a writer struggling to find a balance between her love of writing and her day job wrote this “short, but bitter sweet” blog. […]

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