The Nameless Meme

“Fun” Facts

1) I can juggle.
2) My secret dream was to play for the WNBA. Or be a singer. I don’t know what happened.
3) Today is Leap Day, and it’s also my husband’s half birthday. He only gets one every four years!
4) I am obsessed with half birthdays.
5) I am writing two books in my head, but only have about 20 pages actually written. Stupid job! (Isn’t it fun, blaming things other than ourselves)? 🙂
6) I work for a plastic surgeon, and no I haven’t had anything “done.”

1) If you could have someone do one job/chore for you everyday, what would it be? Clean my bathrooms.

2) What has been your favorite vacation destination, and why? Oh man. I’ll have to go with Turks and Caicos, because it was my honeymoon! We had a blast.

How could you NOT have a blast?

3) What book have you read recently that you would recommend? I am finally reading “One for the Money,” and it is hilarious. The latest Reacher novel, by Lee Child, was also a winner.

4) If you could change your name, what would it be and why? I wanted to when I was younger, but I like my name now. I am a great example of how someone with an ordinary name can be quite extraordinary.

5) What seems impossible to you right now? Getting any work done today. It’s dark, dreary and rainy outside, and I would rather be home, curled up with my pups, reading a good book.

6) What is your favorite flower? Sterling roses. ❤


I’m bad at directions and was supposed to answer different questions. But I didn’t. I’m sticking with what I have, because I like my pretty pictures.

But Shawna had some good ones, so keep reading. . .

Now it’s your turn to blog six fun facts about yourself/your family, answer my questions, and tag your readers to join in as well (making up your own questions).

What are you …
1) reading?
2) eating next?
3) wearing?
4) doing this weekend?
5) worried about?
6) blessed by?


The Christmas Cards

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Red hearts, chocolates and roses dance in the air. For those who don’t really celebrate, there is still that optimistic feeling that, if February 14th is already upon us, Memorial Day must be just around the corner.

But I am not thinking of chocolates or red hearts. December has come and gone, and even though the bitter cold remains, thoughts of the holidays are gone from everyone’s minds.

Except mine. I dream of spring, the smell of flowers, the absence of the biting cold, and the promise of warmth once again. But still, the Christmas cards, they dance in my head.

The first came via snail mail and was simply signed “Love, Mom.” The second was via e-card and was obviously not just sent to me, but to an unknown list of friends and family.

The third made me pause and reflect. “Surely, this one will be different.” I imagined an apology and quickly erased the thought. I’ve been known to get my hopes up, and the crashing-down-feeling has helped keep those hopes at a reasonable, attainable level.

But maybe it would be a start. Maybe it would open a door. Or even a small window. I was caught between a mixture of dread, anxiety, hope, fear and longing.

It carried no apology. Instead it was a poem, reminding us to live each day to the fullest. It advised to never live in the past. It spoke of hugging and kissing one’s children. It was a slap in my face.

It also carried a picture, one that should have made me smile. I felt a small smile on the inside, because above all else, I have only wished for her happiness. I have only wished for her to be okay. And now, it seemed she was.

The fourth and final card came a few days later in the mail. Before I opened it, I felt that familiar rush of emotions. I envisioned a tiny window, creaking itself open, rusty from months (years?) of neglect.

It was a paper replica of the third card, complete with poem and picture. There was no apology, no closure, no validation, and no peace. Just the sting left on my face.

And now? Now, I am needed in the midst of a health scare. There is new communication but no speak of issues past. There was the offer of meeting for a drink, from which I firmly (and without apology) sprinted away.

I should be thinking of love. But the love in my head, the love in my heart, the unconditional kind that I haven’t always felt, is the love on which I want to dwell. Instead, on the eve of celebrating Saint Valentine, I am left with a feeling of loss.

And just the memory of the Christmas cards.

This is a fantastic read for dog owners, whether your dog is friendly or not. I highly recommend the initial blog as well, which is linked in the beginning. Enjoy!

notes from a dog walker

If you’ve recently read My Dog is Friendly!, it may have left you wondering: I have a friendly dog. Am I a MDIF? 

Or maybe the PSA made you kind of mad. You read it and thought, “Hey! I have a friendly dog. Don’t make me the bad guy here!”

Kind readers, allow me to explain. Just because you have a friendly dog, doesn’t mean you’re a MDIF. If you have a friendly dog and you are a thoughtful, responsible guardian – you obeys leash laws and do not permit your dog to act rudely towards others in public – then you’re probably not a MDIF.

Most MDIFs are well meaning people, totally unaware of how their actions impact others. And they don’t actually realize they’re MDIFs!  So in an effort to spread self-awareness across the land, to keep DINOS and dogs of all kinds safe and stress-free, I’d like to present this…

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