This is a fantastic read for dog owners, whether your dog is friendly or not. I highly recommend the initial blog as well, which is linked in the beginning. Enjoy!

notes from a dog walker

If you’ve recently read My Dog is Friendly!, it may have left you wondering: I have a friendly dog. Am I a MDIF? 

Or maybe the PSA made you kind of mad. You read it and thought, “Hey! I have a friendly dog. Don’t make me the bad guy here!”

Kind readers, allow me to explain. Just because you have a friendly dog, doesn’t mean you’re a MDIF. If you have a friendly dog and you are a thoughtful, responsible guardian – you obeys leash laws and do not permit your dog to act rudely towards others in public – then you’re probably not a MDIF.

Most MDIFs are well meaning people, totally unaware of how their actions impact others. And they don’t actually realize they’re MDIFs!  So in an effort to spread self-awareness across the land, to keep DINOS and dogs of all kinds safe and stress-free, I’d like to present this…

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  1. Anne Katherine says:

    This is great! I met an MDIF this past summer at the beach. She had a small fluffy bichon dog that she was allowing to run all over the beach. The dog started to chase my 3 year-old daughter and the whole time the owner’s standing there (way too far away ) doing nothing but saying, “She’s fine, she doesn’t bite!” and my daughter is getting more and more freaked out by the second, crying and running away, which makes the dog even more hyper. Finally I picked up my daughter and my sister-in-law went and chewed the woman out. The woman actually pulled a treat from her pocket and gave it to her dog when the dog finally came to her!!! Ugh! And all I could think was “would you want me to allow my child to treat your dog like that?” — and I would never do that… She was definitely an MDIF!

  2. Jen Hurowitz says:

    UGH! It is very annoying. I have found lately, I get easily irritated with other dog owners and I wish I wasn’t so quick to be cranky. But my two dogs are a handful, and if I usher them over to the side and make it blatantly obvious that we don’t want to be “friends,” I wish others would respect it more. A friend advised me to start saying, “Sorry, they’re in training,” and I’m going to give it a try! She said it has worked wonders for her. Her dog is amazingly well behaved, but she said, to be honest, she would rather not become BFF with every dog and human that walks by. The distrust is in the human, not the dog.

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