Fear the Pregnant Woman, Not Her Pit Bulls

I had hoped this funk would have passed by now, but the more I read about Maryland’s new stupid poopy law, the bigger the funk becomes.

Mom, why so sad? Just look at me, I iz irresisti-bull

This new stupid poopy law (official term from now on) states that all pit bulls are inherently dangerous. Period, done, no questions asked. If two dogs are in a fight and one is a pit bull, the dangerous nature of the other dog doesn’t even need to be questioned. One is a pit and is immediately at fault.

When the you-know-what hit the fan on Friday, I was grateful that my handsome Fred isn’t even a true pit bull. He is half American bulldog and half mutt, with only .44% of that mutt-ness being pit bull.

I'm a lover, unless you taste like bacon ~ then I might lick you to death

Stupid poopy law states the dog must be at least 1% pit bull. Angel, in all her obedient, sweet glory, falls into this category.

Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, because a pit bull is learning a new trick!

Let’s think about that one for a second. I wonder how many black labs are walking around with 5% pit inside them? Or Boston terriers? German shepherds? ANY dog can be a mix of a dozen different breeds. One would think that this little tidbit of information would prove how ludicrous this ruling sounds.

I’m mostly German, does this mean I’m going to open a concentration camp? For my Jewish husband’s sake, I hope not! Are all black men in hoodies a threat to our safety?

If a man breaks into my home, I better hope I shoot him before Angel can get a hold of him. Because if she causes him any harm, I am liable for his injuries and he could sue me. Someone could attempt to rape me, but if my pit bull bites him in the ass, I, as the victim, become the bad guy. The dogs that make me feel safe in my house, when I’m walking after dark, or when Alex isn’t home, just became a liability?

Can we eatz a humanz now?

The first thing we did was cancel our dog walking service. I cried. In my current with-child state (and even before), the dog walker was a huge blessing. I didn’t have to worry about being stuck at work after 5, because I knew the dogs had a mid-day potty break, some play time and even a few treats. They learned how to walk well and behave well with someone else. They were socialized, exercised and tucked safely back in their crates.

Now? We can’t trust anyone with them besides us and a few close friends. The risk is just too great. And to be honest, I don’t trust other dogs. There are several neighbors who think they are above the Maryland leash law and let their dogs roam free. If that dog attacked mine, it wouldn’t matter how dangerous the dog was. Mine is guilty until proven . . . guilty.

Between this and the GOP’s war on women, I find it hard to believe we are living in the year 2012. This law was passed because of one pit bull with an irresponsible owner. Interestingly enough, the incident happened five years ago. Five. Funny, something else happened that year that should have proven that maybe humans are responsible for their animals’ behavior. (Cough-Michael Vick-cough) I want to know when people are going to be held accountable for their Chihuahuas, which are some of the nastiest, nippiest little dogs I have ever encountered.

So to all my neighbors, don’t take it too personally when you try to walk near me and I hightail it across the street. Kids? Don’t ask me if you can pet my dogs. They are great with kids, but I don’t know if your kid is great with dogs. Honestly you could probably punch Angel in the face and she wouldn’t even care. But your kid’s fun at the expense of my dog? I don’t think so.

This new stupid poopy law makez me sad

You shouldn’t be afraid of pit bulls. You should be afraid of the people who own pit bulls and see them come under attack. Add in some hormones and you end up with an angry, indignant pit bull lover. We won’t be silenced until you educate yourselves on what is really dangerous; ignorance, hatred and prejudice.


4 thoughts on “Fear the Pregnant Woman, Not Her Pit Bulls

  1. People are idiots! I can’t believe that this law even passed.

    “Someone could attempt to rape me, but if my pit bull bites him in the ass, I, as the victim, become the bad guy.” GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Honestly, I am just stunned at the stupidity of this. Wow!

    • Jen Hurowitz says:

      I know! It’s infuriating! While I do not think my dogs would ever hurt someone, I do know that if someone was to try to hurt THEM, they would defend themselves (wouldn’t anyone???). So it sucks that in doing so, they are actually becoming the “bad guy.” Ugh, it’s so frustrating. The worst part is if someone attacks us, or breaks into our home. I always felt safe with them, but now I feel like I would have to save myself, AND the dogs, while avoiding a criminal!

  2. Dayle Lynne says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment on this since you posted about it on FB a few days ago. It’s just completely disgusting. I am so sick of animals getting blamed because of a few jackasses who don’t know how to (or don’t care to) take care of their pets.

    I remember my father telling me how pit bulls were inherently dangerous (mind you, *everything* my father says needs to be taken with a grain of salt), but somehow everyone . . EVERYONE I know how has ever had one, talks about how wonderful they are!

    Gotta love people talking out their asses about things they know things they know nothing about!

    • Jen Hurowitz says:

      It still makes me SO angry! It is straight racism but for dogs. Do you know how hard it is to even prove that a dog is a pit bull? “Pit bull” isn’t even a breed! There are a ton of dogs walking around that are part pit and no one would ever know, short of a DNA test (which aren’t cheap). It’s just a lazy, ignorant way to make a problem go away, but the DOGS aren’t the problem. ALL owners should be responsible for their dogs regardless of breed. It’s a no-brainer!

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