Here’s a Few More of My Favorite Things

Did you sing the title in your head? Good job.

I’ve always liked doing “review” blogs, where I tell you about some awesome products and then judge you if you don’t immediately buy them.

Kidding, kidding. But now that I have a baby, I welcome suggested products and try to share the good news when I can. And with Amazon’s Prime Shipping, baby goods keep mysteriously appearing on my doorstep…

Baby nail scissors

31YjIw5Fk7L._SL500_SS500_I was convinced that I’d be one of those moms who just never groomed her child’s nails. I was that terrified of using nail clippers. When I was 14, the family I babysat for brought home Baby #2, and I watched as Mom cut her while trimming her nails. The baby cried…I mean, babies cry. But Mom? She was a mess. Apparently, 17 years later, the memory is vivid enough to terrify the bejeebus out of me.

Thank God someone came up with this. It’s almost impossible to cut the baby because of the rounded ends, and even when I did “get her” one day, she didn’t bleed or even react. Seriously, if you have a baby and you don’t have these, you’re doing it wrong.

Nose Frida

Sorry, I would have taken my own picture but all the gagging left me tired

Sorry, I would have taken my own picture but all the gagging left me tired

A close second to “Never grooming child” was “Do these freaking bulb syringes even work?” I felt like the biggest moron on the planet while trying to operate that thing and Anna was still snotty and congested. Then I read online if you cut one open, you will find it filled with mold because there is no way to properly clean. No thanks!

Then I found the Nose Frida! Okay I have a confession with this one. I don’t think I could ever actually do it. I hold Anna in my lap, attempt to keep her head still (which is a bit of a joke) and let the husband do the sucking. I turn my head and gag the whole time, even though the snot doesn’t come anywhere near your mouth. If you’re a single parent with a strong gag reflex, pay a friend to do it. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Battery Nose Aspirator

31wUFBZoJpL._AA300_If you tried to bribe your friends and $20-per-snot-sucking still isn’t enticing enough, just buy this. I actually have both and feel that they fix different problems anyway. The Nose Frida is great for the really thick, nasty stuff. The battery one is better for looser, clearer leakage. Just take out a small loan now because there are several items left on my list.

Frog rug

Could she BE any cuter?

Could she BE any cuter?

If you have pets and a baby, you know it’s a bit harder to adjust to a routine that works for everyone. Fred loves Anna, but he also thinks he can lick her entire face (and inside her mouth, gross) as much as he wants. We keep him extremely clean, and I’m not a germ-a-phobe, but I still don’t plop her on the floor. At one time, Fred has been plopped on every single inch of our living room carpet, and he may be dragging in dirt and other-things-we-won’t-think-about on his paws.

We found this on Amazon after I saw a picture on Facebook. This thing is great! It’s soft and his giant frog head is a nice pillow so Mommy can lie on the floor with Anna. She sleeps in her crib, so this is the only time we are ever lying down together, and it’s nice. She smiles at me, rests her hand on my face, and I feel like a million bucks.

I think she likes it

I think she likes it

Bath sponge

Not Baby Anna

Not Baby Anna

I don’t know if this is common for new moms, but I was pretty anxious about bath time. The first time they get a real bath, they are still so little and fragile. We were given a few baby bath tubs and could have just used one on the dining room table. However, I’m all about establishing the long-term routine early on, and I didn’t want to do one thing for a month and then be scrambling when she was in between the baby bath tub and the big girl bath tub.

My husband has a knack for research, and he found this! It was amazing for that first newborn bath, and is still great for the now squirmy-infant bath. Also helpful if you are a klutz like me.

Essie glitter nail polish


Stop. No. Do not put this on your baby. This is the section devoted to Mom, aka Wonder Woman. I read a lot (too much…) online, and since I had Anna, most of what I read is baby-related. In my opinion, moms don’t take care of themselves enough. I am a firm believer that I am a better mother when I take the best care of myself.

Everyone has different tricks to feel confident, and having a nice manicure is one of mine. However, they only last for a week tops and cost $12 a pop. As much as I would love to have the time and funds to make this happen every week, I don’t. I’m also pretty terrible at painting my own nails.

Essie is my favorite brand anyway, but did you know glitter is magic? If you mess up your nails before they are dry (taking the baby out of the swing because she woke up after 10 minutes instead of her usual 2 hours is a fine example), it’s glitter. It’s already an imperfect finish, so who cares?

Not my pic, but this is my new favorite color

Not my pic, but this is my new favorite color

In situations where your little one actually lets you complete a full manicure, here’s a tip if you are a klutz like me (have I mentioned this before?) and still manage to find ways to destroy your hard work; paint nails, apply a lot of top coat (the secret to a lasting manicure!) and jump on the treadmill. I find that I’m motivated to walk longer because I want that manicure to last.

If you don’t have time for a manicure and marathon-drying-session, try these. Alex calls them “Lee Press On Nails,” but they aren’t, I swear. They are nail covers, are easy to apply, actually stay on but are easy to take off, and protect your nails. Mine always feel stronger when I take off a batch.

Well, there you have it, friends. I hope this has been helpful and somewhat educational.

Why aren’t you on Amazon yet?


8 thoughts on “Here’s a Few More of My Favorite Things

  1. Love that glitter polish.
    I must admit that I sort of kind of just skipped using that mucus thingie. Maybe that’s the source of all my kids’ issues forevermore 🙂

  2. Shawna says:

    Oh my gosh, Jen! She is the cutest thing ever!!! Especially in the heart jammies and on the froggy rug. So adorable!

    It’s unreal how fast their nails grow, isn’t it?! And yes, it’s horrifying when you accidentally clip their tender skin. 😦

    Ew on moldy aspirators. I think the best fix is to sit in the bathroom with hot water running in the shower; the steam clears them out better than anything else. Also, a really good humidifier helps. And Vick’s vapor rub. I swear by it. Even if you don’t put it on baby’s skin, you can put it on your own and just lie down with her to let her breathe the vapors coming off of your chest. I even wipe a teeny bit right on their upper lip. Works so well!

    Congrats, Mommy. 🙂

    • Jen Hurowitz says:

      Thanks Shawna! Her nails are ridiculous. I cut them with the scissors and still end up filing and buffing the rough edges. When I feed her, she likes to touch my face, and she has clawed me so many times. And I’ve heard Alex’s “Owww!” several times as well, haha.

      I run her humidifier every night, or she wakes up super congested. She has a cold again and nothing is giving her complete relief (even sitting in a steamy bathroom) so she slept in her swing last night…which means Mama slept on the couch. I’m ready for my nap now! 🙂

      • Shawna says:

        Oh yeah, letting them sleep in the swing is a lifesaver! And I love the little vibrating seat. Anything a little more vertical. 🙂

      • Jen Hurowitz says:

        The bouncy seat is awesome! I’ve had to use that a few times when I didn’t get a chance to shower before Alex left for work, or the baby got up an hour before she normally does. I put her in that and plop her right outside the bathroom door so she can still hear me and see me. I can still take a hot shower and not worry about her sitting in such a steamy room…although, with her never-ending cold, that might help her out!

  3. Dayle Lynne says:

    I could *not* use the Nose Frida! 😛

    Adore the frog rug . . . . and Anna is just the cutest thing ever!!!

    • Jen Hurowitz says:

      Dayle, I can’t use it either! I am so smug about how great it works, but I’ve never done it! If Alex is ever not home and I’ve used up all my other options, I may have to pay a neighbor…

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